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Wireless Sensor Technology 101: All You Need to Know

Why You Should Consider Seeking out Real Time Operating System Solutions   What is Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)?   Wireless Sensor Networks consist of spatially distributed autonomous devices utiliz...

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Medical Waste

How Can We Recycle Medical Waste: COVID-19 Masks

After the breakout of COVID-19, the consumption of face masks and face shields has increased rapidly. If we consider continents, the mask consumptions can reach billions in one day. We sometimes miss out on the...

Municipal Waste Management

Best municipal waste management practices: Optimizing garbage collection routes

Municipalities have various issues they need to take care of. One of the most prominent issues is waste management. Every single day, we create a huge amount of waste in municipalities.These huge amounts of mun...

Enterprise Resource Planning

Warehouse Management Software: Guarantee the Best!

As well known, warehouses are storage places for a vast number of products. During operations, warehouse managers are responsible for inventory control, tracking task fulfillments, analyzing data, maintaining t...

Municipal Waste Management

Waste Management for Smart Cities

As United Nations Sustainable development goals are mentioning that 30 years after today in 2050 almost 6.5 million people will be living in smart cities. And more importantly with today’s management styles in ...

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Smart Waste Management

A Sustainable Way for RFID System and RFID Tags

Getting to know the technologies around us is very important. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the most frequently used technologies. Even when we don’t realize it, we see and use RFID readers an...

Smart Bin

Ultimate Guide to Smart Binsent

Today we are living in a world where the creation of mass waste is inevitable. Because of the rising population in big cities every day, the production and consumption processes lead to the generation of huge a...

dumpster rental

Evreka’s New Dumpster Rental Technology

What is Skip Hire/Dumpster Rental Technology? In your business, in situations like renovation or construction you come up with large-sized waste . For instance, you have demolition waste or asphalt and dirt rem...

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Route Optimization

Fleet Management Software in Three Points

When deciding on your waste management operations, vital elements like software solutions and hardware solutions are crucial. Fleet tracking is a special operation, and fleet management software is an excellent...

Zero Waste

Waste 101

What is waste? Every day we use various products. All of these products turn into waste, when they are expired, broken or thrown away, this is what is called waste. Furthermore, there is an enormous amount of w...