Computer Vision



Meganova is a provider of image processing solutions based on machine learning, artificial neural networks and deep learning. Thanks to Ayvos image processing-based software and automation systems, it is possible to access sectoral solutions on many topics from productivity to occupational health and safety. 

 Age & Gender Determination

Object Recognition

Object Tracking and Counting

Finding Similarity

Perspective and Duration Estimation

Mood Detection


  • Integration with all video recording systems

  • Wired & Wireless solutions

  • Solar powered and 4G supported camera

  • Compatible with your current CCTV system

  • Easy installation

  • Low-cost infrastructure



Occupational health and safety has always been of great importance for every sector. It is now easier to prevent work accidents by developing image processing technologies. Ayvos CORTES helps protect your business from material and moral damage. Thanks to CORTES, it is possible to apply many different occupational safety scenarios regarding your industry. 

Real-time controls via instant notifications and warning systems enable an increased awareness. 

Additionally, Authorities can get notifications when a violation happens, for example, unauthorized entry or misuse of PPE usage.

On the other hand, analyzing the collected data provides improvement suggestions. 


Did you know that you can improve your production processes with I-Fact Artificial intelligence-based image processing technologies? Thanks to I-Fact, you can detect problems or problems that you may encounter during your production processes and take the necessary precautions before they grow. In addition, with the effective use of this technology, you can observe an increase in production efficiency and a noticeable decrease in production disruptions. I-Fact helps to count the products in the production line or at the stacking points can be carried out in seconds.

Also, any malfunction in the production flow can be detected. 

One of the most important steps of the production process is visual control. The cameras can carry out a visual inspection where physical properties such as shape, size, pattern and color are checked automatically.


How important is the security of your indoor and outdoor spaces? Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, it is now easier to operate surveillance. GETS helps you identify people, vehicles, animals, and different objects. During identification, you can take necessary actions with a real-time warning and information system. It is also possible to prevent possible false alarms by recognizing objects that cannot be detected by the human eye. Thus operational and resource costs are minimized.


Have you thought about the benefits of knowing your customers better and preparing an experience that will offer the right products and services for each individual? 

MOUNT provides statistics of the age range and gender of your customers visiting your premises. Mount analytics helps you to learn about your customers’ visit experience by observing their emotional state and collecting the data needed to improve this experience. With MOUNT, you can count your customers who visit you individually and calculate their repeat rate.


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