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MRF Management

Take advantage of the best finance management technology!

Reduce total managerial time spent
Increase the productivity of your site
Manage, track, and control every step of your operations.
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Streamline your operations and increase your operational efficiency
Track the effort/money you spend on each process
Make stronger and data-driven decisions with better visibility
Manage your inventory effortlessly by taking customized actions for different material, product, asset or resource types

How We Help

Evreka All-In-One Platform can be adapted to most site environments providing a flexible platform that incorporates all the features a modern site supply-chain requires. It is easy to manage and analyze data collected from sites, stock and inventory situations, having full control over scaling & trading & claims, planning the demand, and managing the price all in one place with Evreka solutions.

Evreka’s end-to-end integrated SaaS solution covers the complete workflow of solid waste management, recycling, and disposal companies.

Stock Management

Evreka’s stock management solution provides the capabilities you need to get control of your inventory in detail from garbage truck deliveries to disposal process. It improves visibility and provides inventory traceability for better transparency, offers landed cost valuations, cost of production, yield, and more all while helping to optimize the site ‘s profitability. Full inventory control is provided that will monitor all movements and balances.

Price Management

A robust price interface enables pricing by bands or individual prices per client/supplier, contract prices, or market prices. The flexible pricing management in Evreka allows the site management to make very frequent price changes. Prices are based on a variety of criteria like humidity, weight, etc.; commodities, customers, groups of customers, locations of customers, date range, quantities, price codes, or sites. Updates can be done easily via base price lists, linked to or unlinked to the markets.


Evreka provides full truck and platform scale integration, which enables a smooth and reliable data flow without duplicate data entry. The better the work is organized at the scale, the faster it is possible to move the trucks through the yard, and the back office work is reduced to controlling. With Evreka, the majority of administrative work in a site can be done by a right scale master, given the master data is well structured, and the price control is used.

Demand Planning

Effective demand management is about ensuring a continuous supply of material to meet production needs over a while. It is an equation, trying to balance the demand with the supply and at the right time. The Evreka, demand management module, assists planners on the demand planning path with automated and optimized workflows supporting each stage. It is effortless with Evreka solutions to respond to the demand in the fastest and most streamlined way and to manage it!


Evreka automatically generates corresponding transactions on the purchase and selling side, which are updated with weights and values in a full workflow. The broker’s suppliers can link to the brokerage company’s database, view their contracts, and send shipment requests. The margin for a brokered deal can be managed at all rates by shipping, contract, project, customer, or supplier. The current data framework allows for complete and valued analysis.


Claims are more frequent in the waste business than in other industries. This is primarily caused by the regulation requiring acceptance of the consumer weight and assessment in this industry. Another reason is that the quality of the commodities varies due to the purchased material and the production process. You can manage the claims with Evreka solutions.

What We Provide

Evreka’s unique waste management software system covers the complete supply chain of your business from waste collection to treatment and recycling. Use best-practice reports to monitor material flows, capture rates, and revenue from the sale of commodities. To take control of your business by implementing smart waste management technologies, talk to an expert now.