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Evreka Sense

Discover precious opportunities provided by Evreka Sense!

Monitor fill level with container tracking
Manage resource planning at the most efficient level
Eliminate the issues regarding overflows and loss of waste containers
Get notifications and real-time alerts in smart waste management
Enjoy route optimization for better productivity
Achieve complete control on temperature, movement, and location

How We Help

Evreka provides complete control on asset status and facilitates waste management operations with Evreka Sensor UG-03, a wireless container fill-level monitoring sensor. The wireless container fill-level monitoring sensor works for any form of container. With the Evreka Sense solution, the fullness level, temperature, and location of waste containers can be monitored. Thereby, resource planning can be executed efficiently.

The motion sensors enable the companies, operating in smart waste management, to detect location changes, fire, or sudden movements of waste containers. Simultaneously, users get informed via the alarms. Evreka Sense represents endless benefits with the features designed with technology. Users who utilize Evreka Sense enjoy the easy installation and full control over asset status in terms of location, temperature, and movement. The essential features of Evreka Sensor UG-03 comprise a resistance to water and impact, remote software updates, remote control to change in sensor configuration, and an information system amplified by SMS and email notifications.

Evreka Sense possesses excellent sensing capabilities. The product successfully embeds various sensors in its ultra-durable casing. Furthermore, the fullness level is measured with a long-range ultrasonic transducer. The data obtained and temperature and motion sensors are fused and it allows the cloud platform to detect important incidents.

Measured data regarding fullness rate, temperature, movement, and location are automatically communicated to the Evreka servers utilizing GSM, LoRa, or NB-IoT technologies. This enables users to check all the gathered data at any time through the Evreka Users-web interface via all devices that can connect to the Internet. Alarms are available to set via a web-based system to inform the user about detected incidents. With Evreka’s unique software, different filling behavior can be adapted by altering the measurement frequency.