Energy & Carbon Intelligence


Energy & Carbon Intelligence

Faradai’s Platform is AI-powered Energy & Sustainability Intelligence Platform. With a scalable and robust Platform-as-a-Service architecture, Faradai Platform provides end-to-end data analytics solutions across the energy value chain, from generation to consumption. Track the real time condition of your energy assets, monitor energy performance of your facilities and obtain data driven notifications from anywhere and anytime you need.

Faradai’s Positive Impact


Millions of Sensor Data

Analyzed in Real Time


Energy Saved

last 3 years


Mtones of CO2 Reduced

last 3 years


Energy Saving Actions

Applied Daily


Predictions Generated


How its works?


Cloud Scalability

Device Interoperability

Edge Analytics with IoT Gateway

Advanced Cybersecurity

Predictive Intelligence

Edge Device Management

Modularity & API, Machine Learning Libraries

Multi-Purpose Data Visualization

Advanced Rule

Energy intelligence

Energy Intelligence Platform for digital energy and operations management in buildings, facilities, and renewable energy plants.

IoT technology of Energy Intelligence stack that enables platform partners to securely connect meters, sensors, equipment, assets and SCADA/BMS/Metering platforms and apply data analytics libraries for actionable intelligence in a scalable way, quickly create great dashboards and reports.

Energy Intelligence Platform collects and analyses energy and operation-related data from various data sources to improve building operation and energy performance. The Platform employs machine learning algorithms and big data analytics in order to provide energy saving, operational efficiency, energy procurement optimization and predictive maintenance for its stakeholders.

Energy Intelligence Platform enables building and grid operators with real time monitoring, visualization and analytics tools for better managing their assets, reducing operational costs and increasing energy efficiency, providing actionable intelligence and continuous optimization. The Platform improves asset performance with continuous savings up to 30%.

Measurement & Verification

Solar Performance Tracking

Power Quality Monitoring

Remote Device Control

ISO 50001 Management

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Utility Bill, Budget and Tariff Management

Target Tracking

Critical Power Infrastructure Management

Energy Storage Management

HVAC Performance Analytics

Asset Health Tracking

Carbon intelligence

Faradai’s Carbon Intelligence Platform leverages powerful automation tools to easily capture sustainability data across your organization and transform it into a single system of record. This new level of insight will enable you to report with confidence and meet the diverse needs of both internal and external stakeholders.

With Carbon Intelligence Platform:

– Data Management & Data Validation
– Supports International Databases (IPCC, EPA, etc.)
– One Platform for Multi-Sites
– Target Tracking
– Audit Management
– Document Archiving
– Corrective and Preventive Actions Management
– ISO 14064-1 and GHG Based Scope 1,2,3 Reporting
– Its compliance with ISO 14001, ISO 14064, GRI, CDP reporting
– Coherence for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 9,11,12,13

Data Consolidation

Streamlined Reporting

Sustainability Goals Tracking

Document Archiving

Audit Management

Corrective and Preventive Action Tracking


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