Faradai Energy Intelligence Platform enables Oil & Gas industry to realize energy digitalization, lighting remote control, energy savings & cost saving. That helps to improve operational efficiency, while satisfying the needs of departments.

  • Optimize Energy Consumption and Detects Energy Efficiency Potentials
  • Energy Performance Benchmark and KPI& Sub-metering Analytics
  • Alarms, Remote Control & Automation and Actionable Intelligence
  • Outdoor Lighting Optimization
  • Ability for Offline Operation with Edge Analytics
  • Energy Market Integration
  • Energy Tariff Analytics and Utility Bill Validation
  • Budget and Target Tracking
  • Engagement of End Users / Branches
  • Customized Executive Dashboards
  • Energy Performance Analysis (M&V)
  • Digitalize Documents, Bills, Forms, etc.

Faradai data analytics service offerings empowers them to seamlessly integrate enterprise data, turn it into intelligent insights and aid in real-time decision making thereby increasing their operation efficiency and reducing costs.

Used properly, this data can provide unprecedented insights into asset utilization (and downtimes), real-time demand and supply gaps and consumption behavior patterns – parameters key for business growth. Energy utilities and energy retailers use our platform to:

  • Empower consumers with usage insights and influence their consumption behavior
  • Apply demand response programs

  • Improve asset performance and utilization with preventive and prescriptive insights on distribution transformers
  • Monitor and predict the performance of renewable energy production facilities
  • Monitor and predict the performance of renewable energy production facilities