Waste Management

Dumpster Rental

Eliminate excessive workload for tracking container inventory and automize pick-up, drop-off operations. Track data & inventory in real-time, update the status of your containers, achieve customer satisfaction with customized proof of delivery.

Local Authorities

Find out how local waste collection companies achieve operational excellence with Evreka’s integrated platform

Hazardous and Liquid Waste Solutions

Discover what benefits that Evreka offers to optimize hazardous and liquid waste management

Cross Border Waste Collection Company

Digitize your operations and experience high performance in the global waste management market.

Medical Waste

Explore how to upgrade waste management processes, optimize your efficiency, and automate operations!

Local Waste Collection Companies

Improve productivity and grow your business with smart waste management solutions

Construction and Demolition Industry

Discover the best solution for construction and demolition waste management!

Recycling Center

Learn more about the ways of increasing productivity in recycling centers with Evreka smart waste management solutions

Skip Hire

Eliminate manual work and digitize your operations with Evreka All-In-One Platform!

Materials Recovery Facility Management

Discover the best facility management offer and rank among prominent waste management companies around the globe.