The Non-Motorized Equipment Tracking

The Non-Motorized Equipment Tracking System is a monitoring, analysis, and evaluation system that detects the location of equipment such as wheeled transportation vehicles, which are open for common use and constantly on the move, located in large-scale areas such as construction sites, mines, airports, warehouses, as well as other special areas.

How Does It Work?

The system consists of battery-powered mobile tags that can be installed easily on equipment, zone readers with UWB (ultra-wide band) technology, and central software. Data gathered from equipment being tracked inside a specific area are relayed to the central or cloud-based servers over Wipelot’s wireless communication networks and, with the software developed by Wipelot, make it possible to determine locations in real-time.

Non-Motorized Equipment Tracking System;
  • It monitors the movement, waiting, and usage times of equipment, and provides quick access when requested with instant location information
  • Prevents unwanted events such as loss or theft
  • Zone-based warning scenarios can be developed for equipment
  • Provides optimum monitoring of stocktaking, entry-exit movements, calibration, and maintenance periods
  • Can add details such as environment, location, and lifetime to equipment and customize it in line with customer needs
  • Saves time by reducing paperwork and manual operations