Lone Worker

Wipelot‘s Lone Worker Safety System is an electronic occupational safety system that provides real-time monitoring of the status and location of personnel working under dangerous conditions and does not require communication tools such as walkie-talkies or telephones.

A study by the US Department of Labor in 2018 reported that 274,350 workplace accidents occurred due to slips and falls. Technologies that quickly determine the status and location of personnel in an emergency and shorten the response time are vitally important and play a major role in preventing loss of life today.

How Does It Work?

The system consists of zone readers with UWB (ultra-wide band) technology installed in areas where workers will be monitored, central software, and mobile RFID tags. The mobile tags that the personnel carry on them allow the system to generate an alarm with location information in case they fall, become motionless, or make an emergency call.

The Wipelot Lone Worker Safety System:
  • Determines the location of an worker in an emergency to sub-meter accuracy
  • Automatically detects if personnel are motionless or horizontal
  • Personnel who have had an accident can quickly report their location to the authorities with the emergency button
  • Reduces the time it takes to respond to injured personnel
  • Makes workers working in dangerous conditions feel safe
  • Helps prevent possible loss of life