The Social Distance Monitoring and Warning System

The Social Distance Monitoring and Warning System developed by Wipelot helps establish a safe and isolated working environment in accordance with the social distance rules to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has directly affected 180 million people since the day it started and caused close to 4 million deaths.

How Does It Work?

The system consists of zone readers with UWB (ultra-wide band) technology installed in areas where employees will be monitored, central software, and mobile RFID tags. With the mobile personnel devices given to the personnel required to be monitored within the coverage area, the location of each personnel can be determined and their proximity status can be monitored. If social distance is violated, personnel are notified by vibration and the data is transferred to the monitoring platform (central software) to alert authorized personnel.

The IoT-based social distance monitoring and warning system developed by Wipelot is one of six systems used worldwide. (Digital Catapult – 2021)

Wipelot Social Distance Monitoring and Tracking System;
  • Can backtrack and report personnel footprints thanks to its advanced software
  • Can create a list of personnel violating social distancing by generating a heat map
  • Helps with creating a list of personnel to be isolated with footprint and heat map reports in the event of any positive case within the business enterprise

  • It helps to keep workforce loss in the facility to a minimum in the event of any positive case