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Top ten most popular FAQs

Do you offer PoC support for your solutions?

Yes. We offer demo and PoC for our solutions. Please fill out the contact form and register your interest.

In which regions can you provide on-site service?

We can provide all our operational services in America, Europe, and MENA regions.

What is the business model for the Waste Management solution? Is leasing an option?

Yes, leasing is the most common model when it comes to hardware. It is also possible to purchase and own the hardware while paying the monthly subscription fee for the software. 

Are the sensors used in waste management suitable for all container types? 

Yes. Our sensors work with all types of containers, except liquid waste containers.

What is the business model for Industrial IoT solutions?

IIoT solution has two components: hardware and software. Hardware is possible to purchase in some cases where a monthly subscription is the only option for the software.

Is it possible to develop computer vision software for my business's needs?

Yes. Our software team can develop a tailored solution for your business. We can provide features to improve operational efficiency and work safety.

Are image processing solutions available for all cameras, or do we need to invest in new cameras?

The computer vision software is compatible with almost any type of camera. When the image quality matters, better cameras are required. 

Does our existing network infrastructure matter in industrial IoT services?

Of course. For example, if you have Cisco network infrastructure implementing costs of solutions decrease significantly. Wipelot and Faradai solutions are compatible with Cisco network infrastructures. 

Can a VR training/game module be created based on a scenario related to my work?

Yes, we can create a new VR module. Then we need to model your organization’s working environments by 3D-modelling the internal and external areas. It is also possible to gamify a module if you target a higher employee engagement.

Can I get more information about sustainability technologies?

Definitely! We can measure your organization’s digitalization performance in the field of sustainability and send you our suggestions for more opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please call our Office at + 46 (0) 72 281 06 66 or email us with your question.