We develop technology for a sustainable future.

More possibilities for sustainability

Meganova is dedicated to providing solutions that empower customers and accelerate them towards safer, more efficient, and sustainable operations. Our clients operate in industries that move society forward. But at the same time, industrial processes are responsible for the majority of the world’s emissions. We support our clients to minimize their climate effects via implementing recent technologies. Our multidisciplinary approach helps our clients track, analyze, and understand their processes from a sustainability perspective. Thus, while they reach their sustainability goals, we keep working to deliver continuous development throughout their operations.

We strive to ensure that our business is responsible and promotes sustainability in our processes. The majority of the industry still runs high carbon-emitting processes. Although there are targets for all to decelerate global warming, there are many different competencies and technologies that can help to ease the transformation.
Our services support our clients through their digitalization journey. We believe in continuous development, where all accurate data turns into a piece of beneficial information. Meganova acts as a solution partner to keep your business’ efficiency at its highest.


The Earth is our only home in the universe. At Meganova, we are aware of it. Our solutions help companies to create data-based analyses of their operations. That brings us a great responsibility. Meganova cooperates with its employees, partners, and interested parties to protect the environment in our operations. We also collaborate with non-profit organizations and third parties to keep updated with environment-friendly solutions.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

We integrate Health, Safety, and Well-being into all aspects of our business. Delivering high-quality solutions starts with a strong company culture where each team member of Meganova acknowledges the importance of work safety. We all act as ambassadors to increase workplace safety and to keep the working environment respectful and inclusive to everyone.


We strive to create a transparent, empowering, and inclusive work environment where everyone has equal opportunities to reach their full potential. We believe the healthiest collective mind comes where people from different perspectives and backgrounds create together for a better future.

Sustainable Development Goals

Meganova adopts principles based on universally accepted declarations within the framework of the UN Global Compact.
Thanks to the Environmental and Social Sustainability philosophy implemented in all the projects and businesses in which it is involved, Meganova positively affects all its stakeholders to protect human health, together with the natural and cultural heritage. We believe this is a must if human beings want long-term economic benefits for future generations. So the “human and environment” approach underlies everything we do.

We participate in non-profit organizations and contribute competence to improve sustainability practices. Meganova is a member of Avfall Sverige. Avfall Sverige is the Swedish Waste Management and Recycling association with members from both public and private waste management and recycling sectors