How can digital technologies assist us in combat against a pandemic?

COVID-19 is causing tremendous changes all over the world. As we all realize how important is a visionary healthcare system for a functioning world, healthcare workers are giving the fight in the first frontiers. 
Now it is time to contribute their fight and create solutions for masses. However fear was the first phase of our reaction, people have started great initiatives such as 3D printing PPE's for healthcare workers, providing services and expertise free of charge, etc.
Here are some solutions from us to get back on track.


Social Distancing via IoT

SafeZone is one of our most popular solutions. It was created to keep workers and motorized machinery free from collisions. Now we transformed our solution in a way to keep social distance in supermarkets, factories, basically anywhere with crowds.


Common-area Safety via

Computer Vision

Our AI-based software GETS can count people and generate alarms regarding the regulations. Wherever a group of people needs to be present such as shopping malls, supermarkets, public service areas, etc. an accurate count and automatic alarms can help us follow the regulations.


City Cleaning and Disinfection via Evreka Intelligence

Hygiene protects us from many diseases and we are now experiencing that more than ever. COVID 19 virus can survive on surfaces for a long time. Now we can track all the cleaning services and keep common areas clean and safe for everyone.


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