Image Processing

Meganova develops value-added software and automation systems based on machine learning, artificial neural networks, and deep learning-based image processing. By solving complex problems based on Image Processing, we are enriching and sharing our knowledge.


Face Recognition


GETS Wide Area Security


Customer Demographics

MOUNT Gate can recognize a face up to 5 meters

You can determine who can enter which area as well as who stays in which area for how long. In this way, you can track the status of your stuff in the right area at the right time. The software is totally compatible with the HR system integration.

7/24 Automated Area Check

GETS sends you instant notifications when there is an unwanted entry to your premises. With this technology, you can easily meet your security needs at different levels and prevent possible violations.

Know Your Customers Better

The AI-based software enables your cameras to generate data such as the area-based person counting age&gender statistics, object detection, object tracking.


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