Industrial Iot

IoT product family offers economical, practical wireless solutions in the concept of automation, location tracking, work safety, data measurement, and analysis.

Wipelot IoT Platform

The Internet of Things ensures much more sufficient control over work operations. Meganova combines WB, RFID, BLE, GSM, GPS and LoRa technologies to create a wireless network that provides tracking and monitoring all over your facility.

Our IoT solution provides real-time tracking & monitoring of equipment, employees, vehicles and other assets. Wipelot IoT Platform can display status, location, and usage history of vehicles and tools. The RFID-based network always operates and keeps all the safety features applicable without the need for the internet connection on the worksite.

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SafeZone is a Collision Avoidance System to prevent clashes between employees and vehicles such as a forklift, truck, excavator, etc. at a worksite. The system provides real-time monitoring of your workers. An emergency alarm can be triggered by a button on the personnel IoT-cards. The personnel cards can also sense a free fall and generate both local and central alarms.


A glimpse into our technology

Safe, Efficient, Sustainable

Wipelot Smart Mining Solution is in the usage of more than 30 mining sites today. The applications of our system provide solutions for industrial work environments such as airports, construction sites, warehouses, factories, shopping malls, etc.
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