Smart Waste Management

Managers can access real-time location and service fulfillment information for operational excellence. Management is given full control over the operations. They can revise the tasks and reassign them anytime. Instantaneously generated tasks can be planned and assigned with Evreka Supervisor App.


Evreka IoT Waste Management

Evreka provides the most comprehensive solution for smart waste collection and city cleaning operations. Evreka improves the whole waste process with highly innovative technology and environmentally friendly solutions with a platform that digitizes these operations with AI & machine learning to reduce costs, save time, and increase citizen satisfaction. Through the technology that Evreka provides, the entire category of waste related operations is transformed into smarter ways.


Track, Report, Allocate

Evreka Platform guarantees real-time tracking of fleet and end-to-end control over collection and transfer operations. While Evreka Platform provides optimized routes for fleet, Evreka Driver App ensures fleet to follow the routes and send notifications from the field.


Track, Manage, Analyze

The Evreka Platform enables end-to-end control over waste collection and city cleaning operations. Managers are provided the most accurate and up-to-date data from the field. The user-friendly dashboard is specially designed to guarantee the quick and correct implementation of managerial decisions.


Track, Allocate, Analyze

The Evreka platform enables managers to monitor their assets in the field. It also provides suggestions for the most efficient resource distribution. With sensors integrated to the Evreka Platform, more detailed asset information from the field can be gathered and stored.

Analyzing the data

Human Resources

Track, Schedule, Evaluate

Evreka's specialized mobile applications and hardware solutions enable managers to track their human resources' attendance and performance. Gathered data is processed and reported for higher-level operational success.


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