Virtual Reality

When certain situations are practically impossible to recreate, and on-the-job training is very risky – this is a perfect opportunity to incorporate VR.


Employee Training

Theory can be re-enforced through the simulated environment where employees can apply regulatory processes and activities. Try Virtual Reality Training and benefit the cost-effective, high retention and safe way of improving workers' skills.


Hazard Identification and Risk Assesment

Employees can investigate environments with pre-programmed hazards and conduct risk assessments based on different industry scenarios. During these walkarounds and observations, employees can virtually observe scenarios to rate and then compile risk assessment reports.


Fire Safety

Fire safety is another great example where there is a gap to fill between theory and practical training. Virtual Reality allows employees to simulate putting out fires and get familiar with the processes and equipment before graduating onto real-time practical exercises.


Working at Heights

In a safe virtual world, the risk is mitigated by employees experiencing the consequences of their actions, without the potentially fatal consequences. The beauty of VR is that you can train in high-risk environments with no risks at all. In this virtual world, employees can practice the utilization of safety harnesses, ladders, and scaffolding.

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