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Meganova is your solution partner to implement recent technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality into today's work operations. Our multidisciplinary approach helps you to develop broad solutions throughout the whole organization. Work safety and continuous development are at the core of Meganova's solutions.



A mindful group of employees
is the core aspect of a sufficient and safe workplace.
Awareness is like a steering wheel of organizations to navigate through different goals.
Meganova offers more enjoyable tools to create mindful teams.
As Virtual Reality commits a lot safer and cheaper training possibilities for dangerous scenarios, gamification makes employees more engaged with the cautions and regulations.

Automated Pro-Activity

Repetitive steps of a work action usually mean a sufficient way of doing things. But these repeated actions can also be regarded as too easy, and that can cause catastrophic incidents. Your valuable assets can be tagged, customized alarms can be set up. Meanwhile, Collision Avoidance Systems provide a safe environment between work machinery (forklift, caterpillar, etc.), fall detection and immobility alert can be generated by high-tech personnel cards.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Would it make a difference to see workflow on a real-time display? Are there some specific dynamics at your operations to keep an eye on all the time? Creating KPIs based on collected data from the work site will provide much more efficient maintenance and resource management. Do you also wanna create alarms for some specific situations? Meganova has a broad experience to provide complete solutions for complex processes.

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